Key Indicators (KPIs) are incredibly powerful tools and many clinics have tried to implement KPIs in any form. KPIs are relevant to all but are useful only if they are significant and provide important information.

One of the biggest mistakes we make when implementing KPIs is that we decide to measure everything. We display all available data or information, ignoring the fact, that too much information is useless as too little and using every piece of information from the company, no matter what is really needed, is just as damaging as doing nothing. Sometimes more damaging. We burn time and money for data we never use, what is not only useless but also very frustrating for those individuals who collect and analyze the data.

KPI and clinic strategy

Another major mistake we make is to create indices, based on assumption, what everyone else does, it better than we do. We look at competitors or discuss KPI with other managers, gather a list of KPIs from magazines or web pages, trying to measure that measure everyone else, or even more. This can also happen when a particular KPI or metric becomes popular, most frequently after visiting a meeting or a congress with a management-oriented presentation. Just because everyone is talking about customer satisfaction surveys or employee engagement surveys does not automatically mean that we need just these KPIs. Investing in a particular type of measurements will depend on our strategy and nothing else.

Choose visely

There are many KPIs to choose from, some with an impressive, shiny university pedigree. There's a much more than 200 of them and many managers are completely overwhelmed by the KPIs. Some of them prove the belief, in the quarter or annual powerpoint presentations mostly, that accordingly to the quantity of data they're accessing is increasing the importance of their existence.

KPI Dashboard

You are able to measure selected KPIs specifically adapted to measure key areas of your interest


Time Tracking for professionals

Unless we know how much time we spend working with our clients, we will be driving in darkness

time tracking