The entire veterinary society is experiencing unprecedented transformation. The growth of pet population, humanisation of animals, urban life style, more money in the diagnostic process, an approach of telemedicine, internet of things and big data. Veterinary medicine is not a mum and pop trade anymore. What became obvious was the change from a niche to the mainstream industry.

Whatever is the business model of veterinary practice: independent, corporate, small or big, owners are spending more and more money for service their pets need. The democratisation of information allows clients to select the optimal provider, what inspires veterinarians to permanent improvement of the client management quality.

The most valuable asset a practice has is the experience owner takes home, and share in social media space. This shift in the value, toward intangible assets, was well documented in recent years, not in the veterinary business only. Ignoring this fact led to the failure of many hard-working professionals.

Many veterinary practices are now facing a serious problem. An absence of effective strategy to meet, or outperform client expectation.