Modern veterinary practice is in desperate need of a functional management tool, enabling synchronization of owner vision, client expectations, company financial and execution possibilities. A system, ideally, what can go beyond the finances, profitability or investments. A complex view of an organization, what works and calculates with immaterial categories including people, company culture, intellectual property or professional skills.

Managers of veterinary practices may have an impression that existing systems, enjoying global popularity, are for medium or large companies only. One of the most influential, Balanced Scorecard, BSC in short, serves for more than 20 years for different size and industry type companies. The portfolio includes many government organizations, startups, local dental services, or global telecommunication companies. Research proved, that companies, using this system outperform organizations without formal strategy management.

The vision, the unique and fundamental purpose of the veterinary practice existence, mostly projected by the owner or the founder, consists of core strategic segments, each one evenly important and irreplaceable. Application of a formalized strategic planning and mapping may create a functional, proved system structure. For a small company, a size of veterinary practice can create an impressive result shortly after the implementation.